If exercise is the task on your to-do list that constantly gets postponed “until tomorrow” …

this may be the most exciting – and potentially life-changing – site you’ve ever been to.

Coaching via Fitocracy

What do you get?

–Customized Workouts + Personalized Nutrition Guidelines
–Private Video Instruction
–Exclusive 24/7 To Instructor
–Bi-monthly Skype calls
–14 day money-back guarantee

And The Best Part…


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Looking For A New Workout Experience?

Checkout These 3 [FREE] Workouts

–Short duration, High Intensity

–No Gym Required

–Dumbbells ONLY

–Metabolic Physique Conditioning

–“Rest Based Training”

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About Fact and Fitness

Hi. My name’s Brian, and I am an online fitness and nutrition coach.

I provide my clients with a holistic training + nutrition program to help them get into the best shape of their lives.  Not sure how to setup a fat loss diet?  The best part about my dietary setup is that I educate you throughout the process so you never need another nutritionist again. No gym membership?  The RBT workouts provided can get you looking leaner than ever, without having to leave your living room.

More About BrianMore About Online Coaching

For visiting here today, I want to give you a no-obligation, exercise and nutritional skype consultation.

If you’re:

  • Sick of your clothes not fitting the way they should (or used to)
  • Frightened by how fast your formerly defined muscles are melting into flab
  • Dreading summer because it means wearing shorts, sleeveless tops and swimsuits
  • Tired of feeling sluggish, irritable, and exhausted all the time

… you deserve this opportunity.

All you have to do is reach out and tell me how I can help YOU

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What Clients Have To Say

Working with Brian through his website and e-mail has been super easy. Online training has allowed me to do it on my time … Brian is fast to respond to any questions or concerns and frequently sends encouragement, ideas and interesting information…Since beginning my journey with Brian I have lost 20 pounds, went down 4 pant sizes, and have gained muscle tone, strength and confidence.


If you’re looking for a personal one-on-one feel for your training, fitness and health but don’t know where to start, Brian is your guy. He’s always made me feel comfortable and he’s perfect for those who are new to nutrition and fitness…He’s truly got the perfect personality to be a coach and…I simply can’t imagine having anyone else as my coach and I look forward to the next steps in fitness with him!


I am one of Brian’s clients and he is awesome! Fitness is his passion so he is always very supportive and motivating. He comes up with great meal ideas and healthy meals that also taste great! He makes working out fun and not dreadful. If you are just looking to become healthier or to lose weight he is the right guy! He makes you feel comfortable and builds your confidence.


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